Fixed form with annexes, how to manage annexes


I have to work on a fixed form flexicapture project, I created my document definition directly in Flexicapture without any problem.

The results are quite good, but I have a problem with the annexes.

We receive these fixed forms sometimes in the middle, at the beginning or at the end of a document (composed of 25 pages), the annexes are never positionned at the same order.

The fixed form consists of 2 pages, the rest of the pages should be considered as annexes.

Currently, with my configuration, we get assembly errors, flexicapture tries to apply the document definition "temp" on annexes. Which is a problem.

I'm not comfortable with script, would you have any ideas for me so that the annexes can be considered as annexes directly please? Maybe create a stage in the workflow or other idea?

You will find attached a screenshot of my configuration.

Please feel free to ask any further details.



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    Adrian Enders

    First, your description said that these forms consist of 2 pages, but your "Temp" definition in your screenshot says it's on one page. For your "Temp" section, set the Max number of pages to 2. I would also set Min number to 2 as well.


    Second, you can go into "Static Elements Mode" and pick a couple words and phrases to identify the document definition. In static elements, right click on a square and go into the properties. Check out the help. It may work to force FC to identify certain phrases on the document.


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