Disable Flexicapture field search in case of specific vendor and buyer-



We have an invoice portal running using abbyy-flexicapture for invocies.

We use the same trainings batches for a lot of customers.


For specific BUYERS some fields/values are not needed.


I can fix this by editing the training batches and check what it says in the invoice letterhead (who is the buyer)




Is there a simple way of doing the following:

A) In case of BUYERX a specific index field should not recognize anything. (for instance a paymentCode field)

    I would like to be able to test for ((BUYERX) and (SUPPLIERX)) up against a list I keep in a SQL table, and in

    case of a match the field should disregard any recognition for the field.


Thx for your time in advance


Best Regards 





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