Scripting: How to adjust recognized value of InvoiceDate


After recognition, the InvoiceDate matched isn't a correct value.

I would like to correct this with a script and a complementary field in order to reject the recognized dates found by FC and matched in InvoiceDate.

- The block is a field which list all prohibited keywords in the document and dates found beside. For the moment, it's a repeating group with all dates found.
- The idea is that if InvoiceDate = prohibited date, FC must try to match another date.

1) I think about a script, do you have any idea for this ?

2) If a script is needed, where can put I it in the definition : Rules script tab of the fied OR autocorrection options of the field, or something else ?

3)  I start with this code but it doesn't work : cf. attachment (I can't paste the code, it seems).

Can you tell me what is wrong ? Am I on the good way ?


Thanks for your help!

JA (FC 11).





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