Multiple variations of the same document layout


I have a question. 

I need to get data from a document. But the client has a lot of suppliers, and they all have a slightly different version of the same standard document. It contains text-typed and hand-typed text in various combinations. And it is in a multitude of languages. 

I don't think this can be done with alternative layouts because there is nothing to classify the document as they all contain the same information. 

How would I go about extracting data from these documents?

I only need information from 4 sections of the docs. 

I added a screenshot to clarify. 

 These are some of the variations for section 1 of the document. 

if someone has an idea, greatly appreciated




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    Vladimir Dimitrijevic


    This should not be difficult to create. You should use Static Text field which will contain all keywords, and Character String which will use Regex and location right of this Static Text field and also check "nearest to" this field.  You should use Regex as each number starts with "BE", so it is easier to match. But, since you wrote a while ago, I hope you already found the answer.

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