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Hi All,

Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to configure line items in a Flexilayout that can then be imported into a training batch? 

I’m trying to help a customer improve recognition for a specific supplier where the Total Net field and Unit Price column are unreliable matched. I can:

  • Create a Flexilayout that correctly finds Total Net using a labelled fields, I apply this to the training batch
  • Use operator based training to select the correct Unit Price column

But I can’t seem to combine the two approaches. When I apply the trained Flexilayout to the training batch the correct Unit Price column is no longer found. If I remove the Flexilayout from the training batch then I can use Operator Based training to train the Unit Price column but the Total Net is not reliably found.

Is it possible to train column headers for line items in a Flexilayout and then apply that to the training batch? This would mean I could train the Total Net and line items in the Flexilayout.

I have noticed that if I export the trained Flexilayout the correctly matches the Unit Price column the blocks for line items are disabled.

Any advice on best practice in this circumstance? 






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    Rahul Kapoor

    Follow these steps:

    1. First train the layout for that particular vendor.

    2. In training batches, right click and export the training batch.

    3. Open it in FL Studio

    4. Create custom layout for the required field. 

    5. Import it again in training batch.


    Let me know if you need details around these.

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    Thanks Rahul, that's what I've done but not sure on the method of trianing for line items column headers.....

    So for instance if Unit Price wasn't found accurately I assumed I would need to create a table in the flexilayout and then assign that to the line items block but the lint items block isn't a table so isn't compatible....

    I understand how to use the method you describe for single fields such as invoice number, date, gross but not line items.




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