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I am using FL for Invoices document definiton. Sometimes the LineItems\TotalPriceNetto is not detected correctly. 

However I have quite stable Amounts\TotalNetAmounts and I would like to replace the LineItems\TotalPriceNetto for the first line item with Amounts\TotalNetAmounts value.

For do that I was trying the below code:

Context.Field("TotalPriceNetto").Items[0].Text = Context.Field("TotalNetAmount").Items[0].Text

Unfortunately ABBYY returns error: Object not set to an instance of the object.

I was trying to get the number of line items to be able to replace only the first line value but without success. 

For LineItems.Items.Count I got the same error (Object not set to an instance of the object). That is really confiusing. 


I would like to know if there is any way to replace only the first occurence of "TotalPriceNetto" with "TotalNetAmount" value. I will be gratefull for any inputs.



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    prabu selvam


    Can you please show me your Invoice copy in JPEG format ? And, please highlight from where you are trying to replace this value in the picture. I will think and tell you the fix.

    Also, you want this fix in FlexiStudio or FlexiCapture ?




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