Passing any data from FlexiCapture to FlaxiLayout


I've created an layout in FlexiLayout studio. I'm extracting some data from a document using repeating group and static text element. The main difficulty is that I do not know in advance which text I will have to look for. I only know where this text can be located on the form pages relative to other elements. Generally there are no any issue with that. But I have a problem with how to pass search text to the layout. I decided to prepare a search string on FlexiCapture project side and pass it through a registration parameter. I created input named parameter "Footnotes" with string  type in FlexiLayout. But I can’t set the same parameter on FlexiCapture project side. Can you, please, help me with that? Another of the features is that I must first query the database to get the list. Then combine all the lines into one search text with "|" separator and pass it through the registartion parameter to FlexiLayout.

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    Scott Chau

    Easier option is to use a Database.  Meaning in FLS when using Static Text, instead of using keywords, link it to your DB.  Then in FlexiCapture, you could do a DB Lookup with scripting to populate text back to the DB.  

    Just keep in mind with what you want to do, this would involve 2 recognition.  First recognition would not do anything.  2nd Recognition would then capture something after the keyword was added.

    Maybe talk to support and provide them with your project and image to see if there is a better solution.


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