In Flexi Capture Project, single DocDef or Seperate DocDef for Multiple Templates

For processing 40 vendors different invoices in Flexi Capture, I am trying 2 things. One, create a generic DocDef and add 40 flexi layout .afl files as "additional template". Second, create seperate DocDef for each Flexi layout .afl files. My requirement is to import invoices from a hot folder, where mixed vendor invoices will come and abbyy should itself able to match relevant template.

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    Khushboo Bansal

    The first method would work. You need not create 4o different document definitions.

    Also, you need not explicitly create 40 different flexi layout projects. When you begin training your invoices, ABBYY will automatically identify the vendor (from vendor data table) and create a flexilayout project for that vendor's invoice template. You can edit the .afl file however you like.


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    Scott Chau

    Talk to your sales rep.  There is an easier solution.  We have FlexiCapture for Invoice where you wouldn't need to make 40 different layout.


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