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After few months of using FlexiCapture 10, our company decided that they want to see some multi-paged docs.

So, we prepared some different sheets and we were testing it without any problems, Flexi was reading it correctly, it was recognizing it through hot folder etc. But, after creating one additional it just died. It is not recognizing any multi-paged anymore. Its throwing me errors about missing X pages on left, Document definition was set up for 3/3 min/max pages and it still require more pages. After long fight we decided that we will create whole new project just to start without any settings because maybe problem is because we changed some weird settings but no, its still throwing same error. At the end we reinstalled program to restart settings in whole program to default but same issue. I have no idea how to fix it + there is no info about something like this. There is only 1 topic like this if i remember correctly and girl didnt got response for 3 years :< Glad if u can help me.


We are using FlexiCapture 10 Standalone version.



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    Scott Chau

    This is an issue with your assembly setting in the DocDef and the matching of your pages.  The pages are not matching as what the assembly setting is set for.

    Its too hard to troubleshoot this with just screenshot.  I would recommend sending this project to support.




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