Send document to new batch type based on found field value

We have a POC coming up and customer asked if it's possible to send documents to new batch types dependent of found values on the document.

Let's say we read invoices (using the european invoice project) and after first recognition stage, I've create a new script stage that checks some fields and if they are empty, the specific document should be send to a new batch in another batch type.

If there are 4 documents in this batch, and 2 should be send to the new batch, it's perfect if it should create single document batches instead.

My first idea is to send the document directly to Export stage and have some criteria only exporting based on field values. Then it could be exported into special hotfolders and imported again to FlexiCapture in the new Batch Type, but this is causing that licenses will count...

Any other idea on how to route the document to a new batch type ?

All document should be handled within the same project - it's just different batch types.

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    Adrian Enders

    I know it has been a while Claus, did you ever get this? I don't see a way in FlexiCapture to change the batch type, but the web services API has an "UpdateBatch" method you could call. One of the parameters is "BatchTypeID": Batch ( I was curious about this - interesting question.


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