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I'm trying to export my docments to SharePoint so that the information I've chosen at Indexing station will go to the corresponding columns in SP. Please tell me how to do it?

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    To do this, please open up the SharePoint Server Export Settings tab, You can located this in your WorkFlow setting under the 6. Output tab. Create a export for SharePont. Click on the setting Button (on the "select document library section"). It should bring up a menu for you to map your SharePoint Columns to your Index Value you selected in the Index station. In that menu you will have two drop down menu options; Value and Property Value. Under the drop down menu for "Property Name" select your SharePoint Column. Under the "Value" option, you should select your Index Field option. What you will notice is that for the "Value" option, it doesn't list your Index Field under the drop down menu. You will need to manually type them in. So if the field value was "FirstName" you would type it in as ""

    Please let me know if that is clear to you.


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