Scanning and Exporting images without recognition

I need to scan documents and leave the images in a certain folder.No document recognition is needed. Folder name is specified by a registration parameter, so all images should end up stored in \.
Although this is a very simple task, i can imagine several ways of doing it.
One could be defining a project with a document definition without elements , and set the export properties for the unrecognized documents in order to export them to the desire location. But this will waste recognition server time.
Another one, could be using special workflow with two stages, scan & export. This one seems to be more reasonable.
Are there any other ways? Is there a "correct" way to do this?
Comments appreciated .

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    Since you are talking about special workflow, I'm going to assume you are using the Distributed and NOT Standalone. If that is the case why not just setup a script export in the scan station instead of exporting to the FlexiCapture server? Basically you you can either setup this up as a Scanning Batch Type sending option or in the Scan Station Option location (default scanning batch type). Look at the scanning help file under the object "IExportRegistrationProperties" or "IExportRegistrationProperty"

    So basically the user scans in the images.
    Once done, they select export.
    Before export it should ask them for the registration parameter if it is setup to be required.
    They put the value it.
    The export script gets run. The script will read the registration parameter setting and deposit the images in the folder name based on the registration parameter entered.

    To answer your last question, there is no correct way to do it. Your way is fine too if you're not comfortable with scripting. My way is more direct but you need to know how to vbscript or jscript.
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    If you really want to just save the image without any capturing of data in a workflow, you can try the following:

    1) Create a new batch type
    2) Under WorkFlow option select Advanced
    3) Select only Scanning , Recognition, Export, and Processed
    4) Under Export tab, set the location of where you want to save the Unrecognized Documents
    5) under the Recognition Tab. Add one DocDef that will never match to any of the images

    Now when you send those images from the ScanStation, it will get recognized by the image. Since it will not match as one of the DocDef, it will be matched as Unknown (no capture of any data) and automatically exported out.

    Of course, you have a couple problem in this case.
    a) the oringal scanned in image is not the same. There was some preprocessing and conversion to our internal format. The image is then converter to the format you want again. So the image quality "could" be worst
    b) if you don't define the document boundaries in the ScanStation (merge), then you will have a bunch of single file.
    c) this is a waste of a good system datacapture system =) Not sure if it takes a page count either.
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    Alberto Torino
    I've tested under a standalone installation and i can tell you that each document you process decrements the page counter, regardless it is recognized or not.
    Tomorrow i'll be testing the project under a distributed installation. The user does not seem to be worried about page count , bandwidth use or cpu time on processing server.
    All he wants is that scanned images when exported, are created under the processing server's user, so that the user who scans images in the scanning station can't access them (Why would he want to access a digital copy of the document when he has the original on his hands ? - Tried to explain this to the user but its useless ...).
    Let you know how it went.
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    Alberto Torino
    Finally the solution. Had to create a project with a wierd page as a document and configure that all unidentied documents should be exported using a template which uses the registration parameters.
    Documents are scanned by different users and sent to the processing server, they never match the project's document so they are classified as unknown. The export of these unknown documents are created by the user under which the processing station that takes care of the export process is running.

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