Tip: Global Scripts

I thought it my help others if I posted my "Global Script". I handle many templates and all of them have some things in common. So I devised what I call a Global Script. Most of the scripts below are used in each and every template I build. To me, this makes sense and is more efficient than attaching individual scripts to each field. I think it also eliminates many errors and typos.

There a quite a bit of script here. Use what you can.

'******Fields Included in Script************
'the fields listed below must be added to the script before entering the script in ABBYY

'SC_BatchName SC_Recognized SC_DocumentNumber (only read only field-SERVICE FIELD-) SC_ID

'Image_URL Image_URL_Prefix Image_URL_Suffix

'Date DateINT MM DD YY

'ImageFiles EditedBy Affiliate_Group_ID

'Possible - EmpSite

'******Fields Included in Script************

'Gets Batch Name

me.Field("SC_BatchName").Text = me.Document.BatchName

'SC_Recognized is entered

me.Field("SC_Recognized").Value = (Date) + (Time)

'If no date then enter Now

If (me.Field("MM").Text = "") THEN me.Field("MM").Text = Month(Date())

If (me.Field("DD").Text = "") THEN me.Field("DD").Text = Day(Date())

If (me.Field("YY").Text = "") THEN me.Field("YY").Text = Year(Date())

'Strip blank spaces

me.Field("MM").Text = Replace(me.Field("MM").Text," ","")

me.Field("DD").Text = Replace(me.Field("DD").Text," ","")

me.Field("YY").Text = Replace(me.Field("YY").Text," ","")

'Set [MM], [DD], [YY]

If Len(me.Field("MM").Text) = 1 then me.Field("MM").Text = "0" + me.Field("MM").Text

If Len(me.Field("DD").Text) = 1 then me.Field("DD").Text = "0" + me.Field("DD").Text

If Len(me.Field("YY").Text) = 2 then me.Field("YY").Text = "20" + me.Field("YY").Text

'Merge Date

me.Field("Date").Text = me.Field("MM").Text + "/" + me.Field("DD").Text + "/" + Me.Field("YY").Text


me.Field("DateINT").Text = me.Field("YY").Text + me.Field("MM").Text + me.Field("DD").Text

'After [MM] is verified, the SC_ID Merge will occur

if me.Field("MM").IsVerified then me.Field("SC_ID").Text = me.Field("SC_BatchName").Text + "_" + Me.Field("SC_Recognized").Text + "_" + Me.Field("SC_DocumentNumber").Text

'After the SC_ID Merge - Find and Replace

me.Field("SC_ID").Text = Replace(me.Field("SC_ID").Text," ","_")

me.Field("SC_ID").Text = Replace(me.Field("SC_ID").Text,".","-")

me.Field("SC_ID").Text = Replace(me.Field("SC_ID").Text,":","-")

me.Field("SC_ID").Text = Replace(me.Field("SC_ID").Text,"/","-")

me.Field("SC_ID").Text = Replace(me.Field("SC_ID").Text,"Batch_HF_ID","B")

'Handles the Image_URL ***CompanyInCanada\20110105\***
'Where CompanyInCanada = The folder name designates the Project's Company Name

me.Field("Image_URL_Prefix").Text = "CompanyInCanada\20110105\"

me.Field("Image_URL_Suffix").Text = ".tif"

me.Field("Image_URL").Text = me.Field("Image_URL_Prefix").Text + Me.Field("SC_ID").Text + Me.Field("Image_URL_Suffix").Text

'Gets the original ImageFile name and strips our preceding folders

me.Field("ImageFiles").Text = me.Document.Pages.Item(0).ImageSource

Dim pos

pos = InStrRev(me.Field("ImageFiles").Text,"\")

me.Field("ImageFiles").Text = Mid(me.Field("ImageFiles").Text , pos + 1)

'Will look for various strings contained in the ImageFile name and place a code into a designated field

'Script is good for using the ImageFile name to determine the originating location and then placing ‘information into a certain field

'This will take a string from the original ImageFile and put a code into the field [EmpSite]
'All scan locations have their location in the ImageFile name, such as "20130610_Albian_(0001).tif

‘If InStr(LCase(me.Field("ImageFiles").Text), "albian") Then

‘ me.Field("EmpSite").Text = "1"

‘ElseIf InStr(LCase(me.Field("ImageFiles").Text), "in-situ") Then

‘ me.Field("EmpSite").Text = "2"

‘ElseIf InStr(LCase(me.Field("ImageFiles").Text), "scotford") Then

‘ me.Field("EmpSite").Text = "3"


‘ me.Field("EmpSite").Text = "wc"

‘End If

‘This script works consistently for EditedBy
'It returns the User's login on the server. That way I know who verified the batch

Dim objNetworkDim

Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")

me.Field("EditedBy").Text = objNetwork.UserName




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