Attention ABBYY: Lets post a Main Subject for Suggestions (WishList)

I think it would be useful if the Form Admin would setup a new subject title under ABBYY FlexiCapture that would be use posting suggestions for improvement.
I realize that all suggestions could/would not be implemented, but the input from ABBYY users should provide a great source of information for future enhancements.

For example;
I'd like to see an option that would allow linking a particular script to any template I choose. This way I could make a change to the Global Script once and that change would reflect in all of my templates.
I write this because I am now in the process of tweaking an identical script in 98 templates. What a time saver this feature could be. It would be especially useful with the method I am using detailed below.

Thanks for your consideration.
Dan Ayo

See this link




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