Skip the OCRed PDFs / PDF generated by Microsoft Word

I would like to know how can I skip the OCRed PDFs / PDF generated by Microsoft Word. That means, how can I skip those searchable PDFs. It would be a waste to process searchable PDFs. If it can, can it be used in Google Search Appliance Connector?

Also, are there any filter to process only PDF files?

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    Vera Serova
    lcyandy, at the moment there is no option to skip text-based PDF files - Recognition Server processes all PDFs. However, we get many requests for this feature, and our developers are exploring the possibilities to implement it in the future product version.

    As for the filter - currently you can select a particular file format in the Google Search Appliance workflow, but not in regular workflows. In the next version of Recognition Server this filtering will be available for all workflows.

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