Automatically Testing Recognition results in FC - how to?

Hello, does anybody know if it's possible (and how!) to organize automated testing in FC, this means comparing recognition results with text typed manually by operators.
And, question #2- if it's possible-is it possible to organize more complicated comparison instead of simple "equal or not", for example counting "editing distance" between two strings,
what assumes writing some code?

I know only one possibility - writing a "rule" in FC that compares filed's value with corresponding value from DB. But as we have a lot of layouts-that means writing and copying some code
many times , is it possible to put this code out in some module? (This last question is actual not only for testing purposes..).
And, secondly, is there some other way to organize testing independently of matched layout?

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    The feature #1 you're asking for is not built into FlexiCapture. The best option in this case is to capture the same field twice. One of set of fields would be "show in data form" and set for verification while the other set would not. So when the files are exported to a DB, file, etc, you would be able to compare the value you received from OCR vs what was changed to by the Operator. If you export using XML, it will also tell you which character was suspicious.

    Regarding #2, I'll leave that to some other folks. =) This is probably going to be more of a comparison character by character using some custom programming or 3rd party program.


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