Scripting Instead of Click and Key with a Script

In the scripting demo there are three scripts provided to give the user the ability to click and key the indexing data from the scanned image depending upon which document type they selected. Is there any way to create a script which would read in and then parse via a regular expression all of the text from a very simple cover page and use this as an index value for the subsequent images after this cover page? Or could we read a barcode on that cover page and use the decoded value to provide an automatically populated index? This customer doesn't really need the full power of Flexicapture but I may have to go that direction. Thanks, Jim Hill

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    Alberto Torino
    Not sure if understanding what you need. But if your document consists of two sections, one of them having the barcode or a filled in field with data from the cover sheet, you can easily pass this value to a field in the second section through a Merge Fields Rule. Just add the Merge field rule to the field in the second section of your document, selecting the field from the first section using the Add button at the right of the Fields to Merge box, and select the field in section 2 you want to have this value on the result field of the rule.
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    What you what is possible via scripting. Not sure how verse you are in jscript or vb script but yes it possible to get values from the OCR document via regular expression. Then populate that value into one of the index field. You can also use barcode value too. Unfortunately I don't have any sample script for this.

    My only question is where do you plan to export this to? The only build in export are to a folder, sharepoint and email.

    With the index data, if you export to sharepoint, you can map it to a column. For file, they only spit out an XML with the index value. You will still need to parse it for your backend system or some how get the index value into your backend system.

    As mention before, this could be accomplish in FlexiCapture too with little scripting need but could be overkill for what you want to do. But if you're backend system has an ODBC connection, you can easily export to that with little effort unlike Recognition Server.

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