License update and migrate to new operator station

I have a couple of questions related to Abbyy Flexicapture :

1) If i need to update my dongle license, can i update it from any operator station without taking care of PC in use? It means when license is updated it does not use info like PC name,domain name
etc. and then i will be able to use the dongle on any PC after i update . So it does not have any error message like "license is not valid for this machine"?
2) If i migrate from PC A to PC B , do i just need to install Flexicapture and i-key driver on PC B? So i can start using my dongle on PC B after selecting the license under license manager.
Or i need to keep track of some information from PC A for migrating to PC B?

Thanks and Best Regards.

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    Since you are using a USB dongle, you can update the license on any machine as long as you have the i-key driver installed and the license manager is accessible. USB dongle information is all self contained in the USB dongle. In other words, it shouldn't care which domain, pc characteristic its on. Software license are different story.
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    Amarjit Singh
    Hi Sushi,
    Thanks for support.

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