Creating exception queue programmatically

I am using FC 10 distributed(with Invoice accelerator) , i am working on customization. I have to create an exception queue programmatically in C#. Please guide.
I also want to get line item save in database.

Thanks a lot.

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    Andrew Zyuzin
    Hello, I'm a little bit confused about what do you mean by "exception queue"? Is it somehow connected with Exception stage that FC10 Distributed has predifned?
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    kamran ul haq
    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for your reply.

    We need to compare (line items fetched by FC) and (line items of PO from AX dynamics through web services).

    Please suggest about purposed solution if it is fine or not:
    -Create a class library
    -Add web references of AX dynamic and FC API services (present where distributed FC is installed)
    -Get invoice and line item information from database (using FC Web API)
    - Compare FC line items with AX line items
    - Show mismatched item in a window so that user can manually fixed the invoice.

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    Andrew Zyuzin
    Hi, sorry for delayed answer

    I'd like to understand the scenario you want to implement in more details to provide you better recommendations.

    What is the final result of the matching - just the understanding that invoice matches PO (actually, yes or no)?
    Do you need to put all the invoice data back to FlexiCapture document? Can invoice have less items than PO (and then you need add items to invoice during the matching)?
    FC Web API allows only to get document data and to change it, but it is impossible to add new lines to the table for example using just FC web API.

    So, if yes/no result of matching is enough, then your approach will work.
    If you need return the data from matching to invoice document then you use FC scripts.
    I suggest the following sheme:
    Imoprt -> Recognition -> Verification and all other standard actions you need ... -> Preprocessing by script -> User Type stage -> Posprocessing by script -> Standard actions you need, for example Export

    Preprocessing by script. This stage of Automatic Script type (document processing script) serializes all values from invoice line items to XML file and puts it to document attachment.
    Then document comes to User Type stage. You get it with help of FC Web API, get all its fields from its attachment, show the matching form you need etc. When the work is done you serialize again all invoice data to XML file and with help of web API put it to the attachment.
    Postprocessing by script stage (the same as preprocessing) reads XML from document attachment and puts the data at the document, creating new table lines if is needed.

    Another way is to build in matching functionality at the invoice verification process. For example, to get PO items before verification and put them to the document, to show them to the user at the verification at FC document editor and even to use FC script or standard rules for automatic matching.

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