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A question about FlexiCapture:

We have a document that varies greatly both in layout and contents that we need to capture and compile in a specific order. For example the document could be layed out like this:

Page 1: Section A or Section A+B

Page 2: Section B or Section B+C or Section B+D

Page 3: Section C or Section D or Section C + E

And so on.

The easiest way for us to do this would be to create FlexiLayouts for each section of the document, as the data from each section doesn't appear in any other section or appear in the same physical areas of the page as other sections.

We created FlexiLayouts for each section to see if we could implement this. Unfortunately when it comes to recognising the document in FlexiCapture, once a FlexiLayout has been applied to an image no others can be assigned to it.

Is there way to achieve the results we're after? Or will we have to come up with a single FlexiLayout that contains everything?

For reference the version of FlexiCapture we are using is


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    Garlic Bread,

    Without see the document or how you want to export, I can't give you a definite answer but you have 2 choices here.

    1) Make 1 FlexiLayout for all the sections. In this case, it wont matter what order the images come in. FlexiLayout are just rules and if the field is there, it will capture it. If not, the value will be empty.

    2) Make 1 FlexiLayout per section. In the Assembly option have each section set as 0 min and 1 max and disable section order check. In this case, you If the section appear or not, it will capture accordingly. In this option, you won't have empty fields from missing sections like you would in option 1 but you have manage and keep track of multiple flexilayout section.
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    Garlic Bread
    I can't supply the documents unfortunately.

    I wanted to avoid 1 as there's a lot of variation within the document though it looks like that is the apporach I'll have to take. I've tried 2 but unfortunately if there's more than section appearing on a page only one layout is applied.

    Cheers Sushi.
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    Svetlana Bushueva
    hi all,

    I think Garlic Bread means that two documents can be scanned in one page like a driving license and a passport can be scanned in different pages but they also can be scanned together in one page.

    For ABBYY FlexiCapture a page is a unit for recognition. So if two documents are scanned together in one page you should have such a Document Definition which includes both documents in one page. Or you can try to split a page with a help of Crop method (See Help file for a Scanning Station, chapter about Scripts) at the Scanning Station . But I am afraid position of documents in a page is always different and it is difficult to predict what part of a page should be cropped out.

    Or you can have a Document Definition which includes always all the fields. In some cases not all fields will be filled in for a page.

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    Garlic Bread
    It has been a number of months but I forgot to follow this up.

    It was one document, a type of invoice. Certain areas of the page contained sets of possible sections to the invoice. As the document had to be compiled in a certain order after recognition it would have been easier to make multiple layouts that could be applied to the same page but obviously that can not be done due to one page = one recognised unit. I compiled everything into one flexilayout that detected everything in the end as sections of the invoice could cross multiple pages while still containing data required for other section, which meant using a flexilayout for each section wasn't possible .

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