Customizing the Dictionary

Does anyone know how extensive the feature is for Customizing the Dictionary? Can this feature adapt to key two and Three word phrases that are not typically know in "common" day to day English language? We are attempting to Customize our Dictionary and do not wish to have to go through a redo effort.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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    Looking at the help file, it mentions "A custom dictionary is a text file...contains one word". Looks like this only 1 word is supported. If you are looking for that feature, I suggest talking to your Project Manager for that region. They can add them as feature request.
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    Sushi, Thanks! That is exactly where I was looking as well. I just contacted the PM moments prior to your post and we have something set up next week. Once I get all the answers I'll post the findings as an aide. Thanks again for your time!

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