Verification Problem with fields validated from LookUp Table

I have a field that is validated using a LookUp Table.
Lets say the LookUp field has values from 'A' through 'Z'

When ABBYY recognizes the field it reads 'C', but the user actually wrote in 'O'.
Since 'O' is valid ABBYY marks the field as validated, and under no circumstance will the operator be allowed to view and/or edit that particular field.
Because of this, bad data is exported into the table, and the operator never got a chance to fix it.

I've set the Verification to --- Needs Verification > Send to Field Verification > Always
But because the value that ABBYY mis-read during recognition was valid according to the LookUp Table, the field is flagged as Validated.

The only solution that I've come up with is not the option I want.
I'm thinking I can make another field (that is not linked to the LookUp and have the operator validate that field.
Then I could script that field to equal another field (field1 = field2) that would run the LookUp.

I'm looking for a more graceful solution. Ideally ABBYY will implement a switch that will allow the LookUp process to function in a way that allows the LookUp Validated Field to be validated Always under any circumstance.

But for now, I am trying to script something that will cause the field to Always be validated. Even if the value is in the LookUp Table.

I tried;
me.Field("Field").NeedVerifaction = True
and other such scripts. But no success.

I'm thinking if I scripted the LookUp instead of using the Lookup interface provided by ABBYY, things might work. But I don't know how to write that script and I can't find any examples.

If you can provide an example of a LookUp script, I'll try to implement it and see if the idea works. I don't see why it wouldn't.

I need the script to compare a field and also substitute a field from the LookUp Table.

Thanks in Advance for your time and any help.

Dan Ayo

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    Feri Santosa

    Hi Dan,

    If I am not mistaken , you try to force verificator to validate the field because some missrecognition of the value (C became O) but still valid for ABBYY because O actually also valid in the database. Is that correct? There are several way to make sure verificator do verification.

    ==== First Way : You can use the IField Object and Isverified property and put it in the rule script.

    Sample : (Fieldname is MYFIELD) - VB.Net script

    If context.field("MYFIELD").isverified = False then
    context.checksucceeded = False
    context.errormessage = "Please check MYFIELD"
    context.checksucceeded = True
    end if

    This will generate Rule error when verificator doesnot do any verification in the field.

    ==== Second If you are worried that your verificator just type ENTER key without actually validate the field.

    In this case this script it will make the field empty but it will keep the result of the recognition as a suggestion (dropdown field) so it will slower process a little bit to decide

    Set MYFIELD General Property Cannot Be Blank = checked
    And MYFIELD is not readonly in the rules.

    if not context.field("MYFIELD").text = "" then
    Dim mysuggestion as string
    mysuggestion = context.field("MYFIELD").text
    context.field("MYFIELD").text = ""
    end if

    Hope this will help.
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    Thanks for your input ScanAddicted. I couldn't get your scripts to work, but I really appreciate the help.

    I did find a solution that will work for now. Hopefully ABBYY will correct this in the next update.

    Here is the VB Script that works for me.
    ' *********************************************************
    me.Field("Field").Text = " " + me.Field("Field").Text
    if me.Field("Field").IsVerified then me.Field("Field").Text = Replace(me.Field("Field").Text," ","")
    ' *********************************************************
    Hope there are no typos above. I can't seem to get the forum message box to use Copy and Paste.
    For some reason I can't even Copy and Paste from within this very message.
    Don't know if it is me or the forum setup.

    By placing a space (" ") in front of the value in the LookUp field I am assured that the value will not validate.
    This guarantees the operator will get a chance to correct any errors 100% of the time.
    Once the operator hits enter to move on to the next field, the " " is stripped back out the and the LookUp table validates the value.

    The only glitch that I've found in the solution is that the verification operator will see a small blue space (indicating a " ") in the front of the value (because of the inserted " ").
    I choose to insert a " " instead of a period (.) or "X" or something similar because it caused the verifier to see recognized snippet very close to what they are accustomed.
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    Andrew Zyuzin
    If you put the Look Up list to the standard Allowed Values check (see Field properties, Data Type tab, Validation) then it will produce the drop-down with possible values in case of failure and will not confirm (auto verify) the field value in case of coincidence. Be aware that you can use manaully filled list, external file or ODBC database as source for allowed values of the field
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    Andrey, I hadn't used the Allowed Values check via LookUp before. It is a nice feature but unfortunately I don't think that will work in my case.

    Unless that feature can be made to drill down through the table.

    Example; All Employee #'s go into a single Employee LookUp table.
    We have many Customers and each customer has a unique set of Employee #'s.
    Some of those Employee #'s could be identical, so we first compare a field called 'Affiliate_ID' and then compare the data.
    Where Affiliate_ID = '123' and Employee_Num = '456'

    For those with a simple LookUp, this feature would be great.
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    Svetlana Bushueva
    Hi DanAyo!

    In this case indeed Allowed Values will not help. We will add to our development plans an option in the DB LookUp rule which will regulate if a Db LookUp rule will validate a field or not. We have been thinking about this option. Your request confirms that it will be useful =)

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