How to export XML data file using custom export script in Abbyy FC (Distributed 10v)

I need to export doc image as PDF files and Data as xml file using custom script in export. I could successfully export PDF but i cant export xml files. I referred KB ""

ExternalExport.Export export = new ExternalExport.Export();
export.exportToXml(Document, Processing, exportPath);

But i get error in processing server
23/04/2014 0706 Document 1: Custom export (script): Class not defined: 'ExternalExport' (line 43, pos 1)

The reson for exporting xml is, The xml should have "header property" "addData:ImagePath". We use this xml header property to locate the respective PDF file so the xml file should have the image path in it along with export filed value. (for some reason this editor is not allowing me to add that full xml property)

Can anyone help me out?
Thanks in advance.

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    By chance did you add the ExternalExport.dll to the reference assembly in your Document Definition .Net Reference tab? That is probably why you are getting the error. If you look in the Sample project you should see ExternalExport.dll under Docuement Definiton - Document Definition Properites - .Net Reference.
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    Yes i did. Attached the .dll given in tutorial available on KB . Still i get the error.

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