Where is Document Registration Parameter option in Abbyy Flexi Capture?


I can only find Batch registration parameter in batch properties window but i cant locate document Registration parameter option anywhere .

Please let me know. It would be great help. Thank you.

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    hi techuser,

    i guess you are trying to set registration parameters for documents in Scanning Station. and i also guess that you are trying to find them in pages but not in documents. separate pages into documents (file → create document) and you will see the params
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    Thanks For your reply Ivy.
    I found doc registration parameter under File in Scanning station. But where do i create them? as i asked, i can create batch reg parameter in Batch properties , i dont see any option to create doc reg parameter under document definition or any where else.
    I am using hot folder as well as scanning station.
    I need to read a QR code form and use that code value as doc reg params and delete that form from document.
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    Please see attached photo. The Doc Reg Parameter don't appear until you merge the single images to create a "document" in the scan station. This all assume you created the field in the Scanning Batch Type.
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    Thank you very much for your reply Sushi. It really helped.

    I haven't tried same thing on Hot folder so i am not sure whether doc reg param would work on image import profiles as well , since here we are creating them at Scanning Station so it looks like they will stick only to forms passed from scanning station.

    Let me know if you have any idea because its mandatory for me to use both scanning station + hot folders.


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