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I have some definitions in my FlexiCapture project and all of them export data to the same SQL Server database. Files are setted to not be exported.

Even if FlexiCapture tells that all documents in a batch are correctly exported (batch 100% processed), I realized that about 10% of documents are not exported in it and the related records are missing.

I don't have any error in the activity console nor in the event and error logs of FlexiCapture, nor in the logs of Windows Server.

If I try to re-export the same documents from the Project Setup Station they are correctly exported.

Could you help me to find the problem, please?

thank you very much for your help!

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    Svetlana Bushueva

    hi decidebl83!

    As far as we know you have a request regarding this issue in our Technical Support system. We are sorry for the replies being delayed. Such kind of issue has not been noticed before that's why we need time to think it over. Ekaterina should have sent you additional questions which will help to figure out what the cause of the issue is.

    Thank you for your cooperation!


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