Document separation from two consecutive blank pages(by using image import profile)

I'd like to know how to set up in FlexiCapture 10 to separate the documents when there is two consecutive blank pages.
How can I set up this on project setup?

Thanks you

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    You can't set that up using the built in GUI for the image import profile. With that build in option, it will separate with 1 blank page. If you want to do by 2 blank page, you will probably have to script it. I assume you want the 2 blank page deleted or not part of the document correct? Is there a particular reason you are using 2 blank page instead of something original like a barcode separator page?

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    Thant, Yi Mon (FXGS SGP)
    Hi Sushi,

    Yes, this requirements come from customer. We have to delete those 2 blank pages after document separated. I also told them to use barcode separator page but they want to know whether we can set up on ABBYY.
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    Hi yimon,

    You can use script in Scanning station stage. This script can be executed after scanning finished and it will look through all the pages and find all the pars of blank pages and create Documents of them, and then it could create the Documents from the rest pages that are situated between already created documents. You'll need to use IWorkSpace:: DetectPageEmpty(), IWorkSpaceItem::Move() methods, and IWorkSpace::ScriptItems property.

    And if you want to create script in Project Setup Station, you can use the same approach, but use method FCTools::ClassifyPage() with IPageClassificationResult:ageType property, which returns value 1 if the page is empty.

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