Is it possible to read database fields in Flexicapture10?

We have 3 fields on a form - Course Code, Venue Code & Start Date. We can ‘Database Check’ the Course Code & Venue Code to confirm that they are valid, but I would also like to cross-check them. I would like to read the Venue Code & Start Date from the Course record when checking Course Code and save the values to do ‘Compare Field’ checks against the Venue Code & Start Date values from the document as a way of highlighting any mismatches due to misread or wrongly entered fields.

Is there a way to do this via a ‘Database Check’ rule or ‘Custom Action’ rule (or any other method)?

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    Sounds like you want do a combination of a DB lookup and compare field rule. So basically you need to create a DB lookup that will match Course Code & Venue Code from the DB. If they match, you would pull Venue Code & Start Date to a field without region. Then you can do a simple rule to compare the those field to the OCR data. Its all in FlexiCapture and should be a simple setup using the GUI wizard.
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    Thanks for the reply Sushi - the fact that you said it was possible encouraged me to try again, and this time I found how to do it.

    I was already trying to use a Database Check to read fields from the database and a Compare Field to check them agains Input fields to check for mismatches, but I couldn't find how to read database fields as opposed to checking whether a key existed in a database.

    The answer was to add extra rows to the database check. Using Start Date as an example, I created a new text field StartDateLookup and in the database check I used the 'Add...' button to create a new row, setting the Document Field to StartDateLookup, pointing the Database Field to the StartDate in the database table and selecting the 'Do not compare' radio button. Presto, the next time I did recognition on the document the StartDateLookup field was populated with the StartDate variable from the database. After that the Data Compare was easy...

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