Is it possible to auto-update Dictionaries in Flexicapture 10?

We have a project which uses a 'Database Check' rule to validate a Centre Code field from a form. Due to network problems we would like to reduce these checks by holding all valid Centre Codes (approx. 300) in a custom dictionary. The only problem is that Centre Codes sometimes need to be added or removed.

Is there any way to update the dictionary periodically by rebuilding the *.dic file, without re-publishing and re-uploading the project each time?

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    Have you checked out FlexiCapture 11? There is actually a way to cache the DB in FlexiCapture 11.

    To answer your question, there is no way to periodically update the dic without re-publishing and updating the docdef. I think FlexiCapture 11 feature might work the way you want.

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