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Hi ,
I am using FC 10 distributed .How can I add a new option of Batch filter ?
I want to search the batch by the fields on pdfs .
Ex: pdf has date : 1-1-2014 .Among multiple pdf batches I need to search only that pdf who has
date field filled as : 1-1-2014.

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    Are you talking about the batch filter in the Administrator and Monitoring console or in the Batch List view in Project Setup Station/Verification Station?

    If its the Admin and Monitoring station, its very limited on what you can display. Its more of filtering by the Batch Name

    If its the later, you have more option but you still can't what you want out of the box because really we are not a document management system to search stuff with. If you want to do it though it possible if you make 1 document per Batch and populate the field back to the Batch Registration Parameter using scripting in the workflow. Then you can filter by registration parameter of the batch. As mention before, we are not a document management system and the more batch you keep in the system without any clean up, you might end up with some performance problem.

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