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I have an images containing more barcodes on one page(sometimes one,sometimes two,three or more).I just wanna read one barcode from the page.The right barcode(i want to read and use for document naming) starting always with the following text string (X22-6890).

The barcode will be used for document naming also for separation.

How can i do it??

Thank you for your help


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    Hi, here is the jscript use: in the workflow separation tab enter the jscript below.

    In this example it recognizes a barcode type code128 (barcodeBlock.BarcodeType == 7), allowed length has to be 7 or 11 and starting char must be "X" or "O".
    In the separation tab i entered "make new document if bc = code128). Gotta check "extract barcodes" in the processing tab/ adv. settings.

    If this condition is met then it has to consider this page as the first page of a new document and name it with the barcode value (have to use CustomText as filenaming rules)

    Probably not the best solution, but it works.

    this.IsStartingPage = false;
    this.IsForDeletion = false;

    for (i=0; i < this.barcodeblocks.count="" ;="">
    var barcodeBlock = this.BarcodeBlocks.Item(i);
    if(barcodeBlock.BarcodeType == 7 && (barcodeBlock.Text.length == 7 || barcodeBlock.Text.length == 11)){

    if (barcodeBlock.Text.charAt(0) == "X" || barcodeBlock.Text.charAt(0) == "O"){
    this.IsStartingPage = true;
    CustomText = barcodeBlock.Text;

    Note: This seems to have a problem with some 2D barcodes that produce this exception:
    Internal program error:.\Src\BarcodeBlockAdapter.cpp, 112. (line 6, pos 5)


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