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I am scanning a series of reports. Each report is saved in a folder which contains a TIFF image of each page of the report.

I would like to be able to input each folder of TIFF images into Recognition Server and have it output a single OCR'd multi-page PDF of each report.


[REPORT_1_FOLDER] ---> report_1.pdf
- ...

[REPORT_2_FOLDER] ---> report_2.pdf
- ...

[REPORT_3_FOLDER] ---> report_3.pdf
- ...

Ideally I would put all the folders for the reports into the Recognition Server's Input folder and come back later to find a PDF of each report. The idea was to scan reports during the day, place each report's folder in the Input folder of the Recognition Server, and then schedule the workflow to process the jobs overnight.

So far I have tried setting workflow type to "document library" and set it to run daily at a certain time. When that time comes, nothing happens. The workflow doesn't start, even though the sceduled time has arrived, and even though there are folders full of TIFF files in the Input folder. There's nothing in the Output folder, nothing in the Exceptions folder, and nothing waiting to be verified. When I try manually starting the workflow via the Administration Console, the square "stop" symbol changes to the triangle "running" symbol, but still nothing happens, and the workflow stops again within a few seconds.

Any ideas? Thanks for any feedback.

I am using Recognition Server version 4, if that makes any difference.


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    Katja Ovcharova
    Hello Cliff,

    If the issue is still actual, you could try the following approach:

    1. On the Input tab of the workflow properties:
    - in the Source section specify the path to the Input folder.
    - in the Create job section select option For each folder.
    2. On the Document separation tab select "Create one document for each job".
    This should be enough to create one document for each subfolder in your main Input folder.

    As to the workflow starting: to diagnose the reason why the workflow does not start please go to the Administration console. First make sure that both your server and Processing station are started and working (check if green triangle is displayed on the corresponding server and station node), and then check the Server log - probably the error preventing appropriate RS work is displayed there. You can then try searching for the solution in Help -> Appendix ->Troubleshooting.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Katja,

    Thanks for your reply. I actually opened a support ticket with UFC and we eventually solved the problem. Actually, I'm not sure what the solution was, but here's what happened.

    UFC looked at the event log for our Recognition Server, and noticed several errors, including one related to the thumbs.db files in the input folder. Thumbs.db are automatically generated by Windows and cause all kinds of sharing/access problems. They even prevent deleting and moving folders sometimes! I disabled tumbs.db files in the Windows settings, and the workflow started to work as expected. I'm not sure if that was what really solved the problem, but it's working now.

    Thanks again for your reply.

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