Extract the metadata information.

Hello people, it is possible to extract the metadata information of the image by FlexiCapture . How to make ?
I would like to draw the image of the owner of the information.



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    The only information that can be exctracted from the image is described in IPictureObject (Search ABBYY help file for details).
    Note that original images are converted to special abbyy format during processing which means they might not contain original metadata.
    Please describe your task with more detail for more recommendations.


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    Thiago Baptista
    Hello Tim ,

    Thanks, I looked IPictureObject but only returns the size information , resolution , etc.

    Follow my situation to see if you can suggest some resolution.

    The digitization of documents will be made ​​by different people and places using the scanner software for this reason I would like to store information on who did the scanning when the image is imported by FlexiCapture .

    I know that this information is stored in the file metadata in the owner iten .


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    Currently theres no functionality in FlexiCapture to view metadata. If you are using local scanning stations, you can only view data described in IPageSourceInfo(search scan station help file for more onfo).

    Another approach is to use scripts and get metadata from sourcefiles (if they are available) programmatically. If you are importing files from some folder, imported images will contain information about source file location which you can use in your script to get metadata.

    If you only need information about who did the scanning, the easiest approach is to add this information to file naming schema.


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    Thiago Baptista
    Hello Tim , I managed to follow script below if someone needs.

    dim objShell, objFolder, localimg, nomeimg, contanome, contaimg, aux, userfile

    set objShell = CreateObject("shell.application")

    nomeimg = me.Document.Pages.Item(0).ImageSourceFileSubPath
    contanome = Len(me.Document.Pages.Item(0).ImageSourceFileSubPath)
    contaimg = Len (me.Document.Pages.Item(0).ImageSource)
    aux = contaimg - contanome
    localimg = Mid(me.Document.Pages.Item(0).ImageSource,1,aux)

    set objFolder = objShell.NameSpace(localimg)

    if (not objFolder is nothing) then
    dim objFolderItem

    set objFolderItem = objFolder.ParseName(nomeimg)

    if (not objFolderItem Is Nothing) then
    dim objInfo

    userfile = objFolder.GetDetailsOf(objFolderItem, 10)

    ' inform " Unavailable " If not locate the User name not File
    If userfile = "" then userfile = "Indefinido"

    ' extract domain name
    aux = InStrRev (userfile, "")
    me.Field("Campo").Text = aux
    If aux > 1 Then
    me.Field("Usuário").Text = Mid(userfile,aux+1,70)
    me.Field("Usuário").Text = Userfile
    End if

    end if
    set objFolderItem = nothing
    end if

    set objFolder = nothing
    set objShell = nothing


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