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is there a way I can have a checkmark and when clicked (checked or unchecked) have it it trigger an action in my external library. I have various rules that run but I can't seem to find a way to trigger an action on a checkmark or button.

Here is my scenario.

I have an address field that gets captured and i then send that data to my external library via script rule and I execute a few things like populate other fields with code relation to province and such. But I would like for my verifier to be able to check off an option and I would execute a few things depending on if the checkmark is checked or not.



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    This is possible, but keep in mind that if you are using a web station operators will need to click check rules buttom in order to trigger any actions.

    In case of a local verifiaction station you can indeed create a checkmark which is by default not checked, and add a rule that executes methods in your external library if this checkmark changes its value to checked.

    Another approach is to use a custom action on some field, this is likely a better approach since it will allow operators to execute rules by clicking a button


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    For now I use a custom action that triggers my code in my DLL but would be real nice if you can show me how to setup the "oncheck" action for a checkmark because I was unable to find it.

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    Andrew Zyuzin
    Search for "On Field Control Activate" in ABBYY FlexiCapture help file

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