Could we integrate the verification process in the external station?

Hi everyone, I am trying to write a web page to integrate scanning and verification process together.

The sending process is good, I see the files are recognised properly in the processing server.

In the workflow setting, I use the advanced mode and enable the web-station.

However, no task is created for the verification queue.

Must unattended mode must be used in the external station?



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    Hi here are some updates.

    When I send the image to the server, I process the batch and wait until the batch is processed in 66%(after recognition).

    Then the file is presented in the project setup station with status in Verification.

    I try the service.GetTask(session, projectId, 500, true, true) function and receive taskid 0 - no task is received.

    Then I try the second approach.

    a. GetDocuments(batchId) to get the documents id
    b. CreateTask(session, 500, 1, "create task for verification", userId, docsid, false) route the document to verification again so that I get a new taskid(objectId in the next step)
    c. try postData Action=Load&sessionId=96659&objectType=8&projectId=1024&batchId=5363&objectId=68261&version=1&streamName=8-68261-Verification1 then I get the POST response null, no error is prompted from the server

    any suggestion?

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    Katja Ovcharova
    Hello Stella,

    I try the service.GetTask(session, projectId, 500, true, true) function and receive taskid 0 - no task is received.

    Could you please indicate how the session is opened?
    What station type and user role are passed to the OpenSession() call?
    What credentials are used to connect to the FC service?
    Same questions for the second approach that you described.

    The Verification task should be available only for user with corresponding role assigned (this is done at the Administration and Monitoring console) and for appropriate station type. For example, if you are running the webservice-based application under some domain user DOMAIN\User and this user is marked as Verificator / Senior Verificator in the FC complex, then you can connect like OpenSession (3, 2) or OpenSession(6, 12) and then get the verification task. Other users or station types may not be able to see tasks of this type.

    As a variant, you can try looking through active tasks at the Administration and Monitoring console before GetTask (or CreateTask) is called in your code - just to make sure that your documents are indeed at the verification stage (not pre-verification or post-verification which have different stage type, not 500). Through Monitoring console you can also check the session status and see what user got this or that task.

    Please also try the last parameter false in the GetTask() call.

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