Creating a project that uses cover sheets to sort documents into folders

Every batch of documents we process starts with a cover sheet

We ​currently use this cover sheet to manually sort sets of documents into batches

We do this with an ID number and a located in the top left quadrant of the cover sheet and a (very unreliable) barcode on the top center of the cover sheet

It would save us a lot of time to use ABBYY to sort these into folders automatically

Any tips on how to set this up? Is what I'm suggesting possible?



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    Vladislav Suvorov
    Hello mharper,

    You can do that simply by:
    1)making a FlexiLayout that only matches on your cover sheets (e.g. required static text that is not found on other pages of the document set)
    2)making a Document Definition with annex pages enabled
    This should result in your documents being assembled in a way: Cover sheet, annex, annex...
    After that you can set up export to process each document into separate file or folder.

    Hope that helps,
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    Matthew Harper
    It does help! I have a few clarifying questions though, if that's ok

    (0) The boxes we want to sort will sometimes contain 6000 pages. Will ABBYY be able to handle a batch this large?

    (1) The coverpage we use is unique to our department, meaning that it would only require a fixed document definition. Would we still need flexilayouts to accomplish our goal?

    (2) The number documents that are associated with the cover sheet is variable. Is there a way to set all pages following the cover sheets as annex?

    (3) There are many different batches in a box we want to sort. As you suggested in (2), We would be associating the batches into a coversheet followed by annexes, What export settings should we use to sort the unique batches into different folders?
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    Vladislav Suvorov
    Hi again,

    0) It depends on how huge separate image files are. If all 6000 pages are in one image file it will very likely result in out of memory exception (Please remember that FlexiCapture is a 32-bit application). Files of 1-149 pages are recommended.
    1) Fixed form is a possible solution for you since it allows the same separation process as flexible one. However for optimal results you might want to use flexible form:
    a) it can be customized more precisely
    b) has lower mismatch rate in general
    c) and is less affected by bad quality if made well.
    2) Documents are assembled this way: all unmatched pages between two matched ones are marked as annex and are appended to the upper matched page.
    3) In export settings you can specify Export each document as separate file and somewhat cheat with filename value: adding \%directory%\%filename%.pdf will result in a folder being made first. However there will be only one document==file in a folder.
    Please feel free to ask again if you have any concerns.

    Best regards,

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