FlexiLayout Alternatives Answered

Hi everybody,

Question about FlexiLayout Alternatives.  If one layout/document definition contains 2 alternatives for example, is the software still limited to matching one alternative per document?  Let me explain further... 

I have a situation where a customer sends in a single PDF that is actually 2 separate invoices with varying formats, each requiring a different layout.  If these layouts/document definitions reside on the processing server separately, it will only use the one it is able to match first to my knowledge, causing the remaining pages to be unrecognized, for example:

Page 1 - Layout A

Page 2 - Layout A

Page 3 - unrecognized

Page 4 - unrecognized 

I've never experimented with "Alternatives" but I'm assuming it still only matches one alternative per document based on whichever alternative it can match first.  Currently the only solution I'm aware of would be to split this document into the 2 separate invoices prior to the matching process. 

If anyone has experience with alternatives I'd love to know if a doc def with multiple alternatives is capable of capturing everything from a single PDF that contains more than one invoice format, for example:

Page 1 - Alternative A

Page 2 - Alternative A

Page 3 - Alternative B

Page 4 - Alternative B




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    Alberto Torino

    Hi  MikeD:

    If you create a batch type for importing your images and select "Create new document : when document definition is applied", at the Image Preprocessing Options, it should work as expected.

    Give it a try and let me know.



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    Mike Daigle

    Turns out I was able to create one definition which satisfies both document formats, so it's now splitting them as expected based on header/footer details, but I like your suggestion and will most certainly try this out when the opportunity next presents itself.  Thank you for your reply atorino.


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