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I have a requirement in the project where in the documents which are imported from the hot folder should be exported to the configured destination folder irrespective of errors during the recognition. 

for e.g. if OCR determines that there is an error with the assembly, or the document matches some other document definition or "correct page order" error. 

Irrespective of the errors like those mentioned above the document should be exported to the destination folder in any case. 

Note:- I have selected the "Errors are irrelevant" in the Export Setting but they don't seem to come in affect.

Can you please let me know if this is possible and if so what is the way to go forward.



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    We cannot reproduce your issue as described, but we can recommend you the following:

    1. Try to disable all export profiles (Document Definition > Export Settings) except to one having "Errors are irrelevant” and then try to export your batch again and look what will happen.

    2. If the previous step was failed, you may create your own Export stage in the Advanced Workflow properties (for FC Distributed)

    In the case if you are still unable to get the export working, please contact your regional support and provide them the copy of your project.


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