Execute Script after Recognition but Before Verification Stage Answered

Is it possible to execute script after Recognition stage is completed, but before Verification stage?
I cannot seem to find an appropriate Event for this.

What I would like to achieve is as follows:
IF Recognition is successful THEN
   Call script1
   Call script2






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    Matthew Harper

    Sounds like all you need to do is add a custom processing stage to your workflow

    To do this, open batch types with Project > Batch Types 

    Open a batch type and navigate to the workflow tab

    Press the Stage... button to add a stage

    If the stage you want to add is a custom processing/script stage, select 'Automatic' (not the items below it) and press OK

    Name the stage and navigate to the Script tab

    Select either Batch Processing or Document Processing and press edit to open the script editor

    Enter the script and press OK

    Once the stage is ready, move the stage with the Move Up and Move Down buttons so that it is between the Processing stage and the Verification stage

    If necessary, change the exit/entry conditions so that documents are routed to the new stage only under certain conditions. Please feel free to ask if you would like more information on the routing conditions

    EDIT: If you want to route to different stages based on the success of the processing stage, add exit conditions to the recognition stage. Tell it to go to one 'script' stage if recognition was successful and a different 'script' stage if recognition fails. Just be sure they both route to verification upon stage completion


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    Thanks a lot. This is what I am looking for.

     Additional question, is there a way to force the batch to go to "Exception" stage if there is no matching Document Definition?


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    You may add the new rule in the Exit Routes tab in the Recognition stage. Take a look for IDocumentDefinitionInfo property. Define documents names by script and send to exception all of them with empty string name.


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