Project Structure for Invoices


I wanted to get some basic idea to handle large number of invoices say 500+, of different types.

I have listed down the options below. Please let me know what is the best way to proceed.

1). Use "ABBYY Felxilayout for Invoices module" - I understand that this is a special project in the ABBYY

     Flexilayout to handle invoices. In case I do not have the license for this product, then is using  the

     Flexilayout on it's own a feasible approach. What is your recommendation?

2). In case we are using only the Flexilayout without the "Flexilayout for Invoices". How should I handle the  

     500+ invoices(mixture of single page and multi pages)  in the Flexilayout.

     a) Do you suggest to create one master Flexilayout with alternative "SearchElement" which will handle

         recognition for maximum number of invoices possible and keep creating alternatives for the ones not



      b) Create a new Flexilayout for each of them (then I will have to create a document definition for

          each of them).

 The basic idea I am trying to get is how do you structure your project when you have to handle large number of invoices.





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    If you plan to extract the same set of fields from your invoices and you do not expect force matching hanlded by operator, it would be better to use one flexilayout/document definition with many alternatives. If the sets of fields are different, and you expect force matching to happen in your workflow, in this case we recommend creating different sets of layouts/document definitions.

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    Jashandeep Singh Dhillon

    Hi Ekaterina,

    Thank you for the reply. Can you please let me know what is force matching.

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    FlexiCapture allows to select which DocumentDefinition will be matched, either manually or in automatic mode and this is called "force matching". 

    To force matching manually, please click the right mouse button on the document and select “Match Document Definition” in the pop-up menu (or press Alt-Shift+E). You'll be prompted to select available Document Definition from the list.

    You may also set definition to apply automatically by ForceMatch property. More details could be found in this topic: 

    Appendix > Using scripts in ABBYY FlexiCapture > Scripts for customizing processing stages > Objects > IMatchingInfo


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