Code in Advanced Pre-search relations

I have a scenario where the data I want might fall in a line or 2 lines.

For example, 

Address: xxxxxxxxxx

Tel: 0923342323


Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tel: 0923342323

I can only think of using 2 rectangle search area, r1 is on the right of the Address, r2 is below Address.

if Tel is found directly under Address, then omit r2, search area will be r1 only, which match the case of 1 line. 

However when I try, the code is returning error. 


DataRegion = RectArray (r1);

if kwTel.IsFound and (kwTel.Rect.Top - kwAddress.Rect.Bottom >= 50) then 

{DataRegion.Add (r2);}

RestrictSearchArea (DataRegion);



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