Why won't the software convert certain articles into Word?

I have been scanning articles for use on my hoped-for website, but I am starting to have problems converting them into Microsoft Word.I use the "Open New Image>Convert to Microsoft Word feature (the 'scan new image and convert to Word' never has worked.) But when I try to convert, I get this message: "The ConfirmConversions method or property is not available because permission for this document is currently restricted."  I have also been getting this message: "A warning was issued when recognizing the page (whatever number. There are no text, table, or barcode areas." even when there are. What does this mean? P.S. I have downloaded the trial of the newest version, and it seems to be working fine on the same articles.P. P. S. I just got this message with an article I am trying to convert: "The AddOld method or property is not available because permission for this document is currently restricted." Yes, these articles are from magazines and newspapers, but how would the software know that? Can somebody explain what is going on?

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    Could you please precise, what ABBYY product you are using?

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    Wolfgang HULLMANN

    I just encountered the same problem for the first time while converting a PDF in Abbyy FineReader 12 Professional. When clicking on converting to MS-Word, the process got blocked as described by Geekzoid (initial message of this thread). What is the AddOld method or property?

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello  Wolfgang,

    I suppose this can be the issue with integration of FineReader 12 and MS Office installed on your PC. As FineReader 12 is no longer supported, I`d recommend you to make sure that you are using the last version of the product (click Help>Check for updates), make sure that your MS Office version is supported (click Supported applications) and all system updated installed. If this won`t help, please try to use the current FineReader 15 version (you can request a trial here)


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