Change IP and MAC Address - Licencing Answered

We have installed Recognition Server on a virtual machine. We have licensed it with ABBYY.

We have been told that our VM needs to change the pool that it is in to one where it will have a new IP address and (probably) new MAC address. I am assuming that the licensing process uses the IP and/or MAC address in the initial licensing process - this is a common process to ensure that the licence is associated to a single machine.

Is it possible to change the IP and MAC addresses on a VM where ABBYY is already licenced and the software continue to run, or will it be necessary to deactivate ABBYY, change the IP/MAC, then re-licence?

I should add that we are on a standalone network with no internet connectivity so all licensing processes need files manually transferred between networks and emailed so this is not a trivial exercise

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    The right way is deactivate the license, change the IP/MAC and perform re-licensing.


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