How does Flexicapture for invoices determine the Format of a Invoice Date field? Answered


Abbyy Flexicapture for Invoices can be used to process different kinds of vendor invoices.

The date on certain invoices may appear in one format (dd-mm-yy) while on some other invoices it may appear as (mm-dd-yyyy).

How does abbyy decide which date format to use while recognizing field like Invoice Date?

Does the date format depend on the Operating System local setting? or does it assign a standard date format based on the invoice of the country?

For example, in Canada there are more than one date format used. In this case, how does the system identify the correct format?

Thank you!

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    The search is performed by key fields as described in the “ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices > Specifications > Keywords” article in the Administrator guide. To set the date format you may customize Document Definition Editor > InvoiceDate field > Data > Data type (Edit) setting.


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    Kairit Pall

    It is a good question since Doc. definition is unable to make difference between these two formats, especially when the month is less than 12, Abbyy recognizes it as a date. For example 09-02-2021 should be 2nd of September but Abbyy finds it as 9th of February. How to fix this kind of error? Use the first acceptable date format didn't solve it, since some invoices have the date in correct order (02-09-2021).


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