Time log of recognize stage Answered

 Hi, I'm working in a project where it's required to log the time of recognize stage for each batch... we need to know how long took that stage for every batch.

I was wondering to create a stage in the workflow but i dont find a method or property for that information

Could you give some ideas?


Thank you


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    Vladimir Dimitrijević

    Hi Karen,

    You can read execution time from database table EventLog. If you want to add two additional workflow stages, one before Recognition stage and one after Recognition stage, you would have to:

    1. Add Stage (select Automatic and click OK button)

    2. Add name to this stage "Before Recognition"

    3. Go to Script tab, select type: BatchProcessing, click on "Edit script" button and add this script: 

    using System;

    using System.Globalization;




        string cultureName = "en-US";

        DateTime recognitionStart = DateTime.Now;

        CultureInfo culture = new CultureInfo(cultureName);


        Batch.Properties.Set("RecognitionStart", recognitionStart.ToString(culture));



    Same you will do for RecognitionEnd registration parameter, repeat steps 2 and 3.

    Afterwards, in stage that you are using to save the data, you can read start/end registration parameters from batch properties:

    string recognitionStart = Batch.Properties.Get("RecognitionStart");

    string recognitionEnd = Batch.Properties.Get("RecognitionEnd");


    Best regards,



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    Karen Reyes

    Hi Vladimir once again your post help me a lot, thank you very much 

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    Vladimir Dimitrijević

    Hi Karen,

    You're welcome!


    Best regards,



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