How to change location of \AppData\Local\Temp folder, where there is high disk write activity? Answered

While using Recognition Server 4 (build, during the verification stage, I see a lot of disk writes in locations like:



These occur on the drive where Recognition Server is installed, but I want to change the location to a different drive (faster, higher endurance), where I have temporary folders.  I don't see an option in Configuration.xml to change this.  How can I change the locations of the above folders, so the writes are happening on a different drive?




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    Please see the "ABBYY Recognition Server 4 > Appendix>Configuration File" article in the Recognition Server Help. The 3rd row of the code sample contains  <TempFolder> element: <TempFolder>C:\ProgramData\ABBYY Recognition Server 4.0\RS4WF</TempFolder>

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    Ivan Korneev

    <TempFolder> is for changing location of temp files of Recognition Server not of Verification Station.

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    Ivan Korneev

    For Verification Station there are two ways:

    via Hard-link:

    * delete folder ...\AppData\Local\Temp\4.00.OcrTechnology.3
    * create instead hardlink with name 
    4.00.OcrTechnology.3 that refers to desired location
    = All temp files of 
    Verification Station will be created on another location

    via debug setting in windows registry:

    * create key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ABBYY\RecognitionServer\4.0\VerificationStation\Shell\Final_Debug
    * add string value with name UntitledBatchFolder and specify desired location in it

    Almost all (including 
    Untitled.FR11.***) temp files of Verification Station will be created on another location

    Don't forget to repeat these steps on all Verification Stations and for all user account's on it.


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    Thanks very much!  I used the debug setting in the registry, as you suggested, and it worked.


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