Single attachment of multiple invoices

Hi Abbyy,

Trying to follow the method suggested in attached document.

I have created a Flexilayout that matches the header and footer of the correct documents.

I have created a batch type which has:

  • Document Separation - Create New Document - Automatically when Document Definition Applied
  • Recognition - Document Definitions - Use Selected Document Definition - My Custom Document Definition with Flexilayout applied

Which then works fine on a test batch, the image is imported and split.

Next I try to create a workflow that uses this document definition on an initial recognition stage.

See attached screenshots document :

  • Exceptions as normal
  • Scanning as normal
  • First recognition stage
    •    Limited to my document definition that splits
    •    Exit route to script stage
  • Script stage 
    •    Exit route limited to second recognition stage which is the standard invoice recognition stage

This worklfow shows the document getting split correctly but the batch never gets to the second recognition stage, it goes to exceptions and suggests error on the split document definition as it has no export options configured.

I'm sure my workflow is at fault, please can you advise?

Many thanks






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    Hello Richard,

    We'll need the project to look what could go wrong in the workflow. Moreover, if the workflow will be too complex for the forum support (and it can be so, according to description), we will suggest you to address this question to the regional support.

    So please send us the project at first, and then we will tell you, what to do next.

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    Hi Ekaterina,

    Thank you, I did direct this question to regional support and got good assistance with it. The workflow wasn't that complicated in the end!



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    Zac Roy


    I am having a similar issue. Would you be able to forward me the info that you received? 



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