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Hi guys,


We had a requirement from our client, they were processing client forms and at a certain moment they had to process a VIP client. The form was already scanned and archived, the verificator didn't have any idea of its batch, we couldn't find it on time.



So I came up with an ugly semi-solution, in the batch item table there is a column called item data which stores certain information of the batch item in hexadecimal. Within this column, I found the field values, so my solution was to look into this field and search for the value I was looking for and found it.

Sadly this approach just gives me the batch name which contains the document which has that value.

The attached image shows that I was looking for a document which had the value  145225 in a certain field. This gives me the batch name, so our user now can search the batch and process it.


Is there a better way to search for documents within flexicapture ?


Thanks for your help



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    Alexey Efremov


    There is no build-in solution for filtering out batches that contain documents with a certain field value.

    The workaround would be: 

    -- If one batch can contain only one document with this field or if the values of this field for all the documents of one batch are the same:

    Create a custom stage in the workflow that will set the registration parameter of the batch to the value of desired field. Then you can filter the batch list with the "Batches with specific registration parameter" filter.

    -- If the documents if the batch can contain several different values of this field. The solution will be not so simple and will require some coding.

    1) Create a custom stage on which you save the pair <BatchId>-<ValueOfSpecificField> to some database. 

    2) Create a custom button by pressing on which user enters the desired value, script finds variants from the database and gives the BatchId

    3) User then can close the current task and find a batch by Id.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    I cannot assist you in implementation of the this solution, because it very complex. But I can redirect you to ABBYY Professional Services.



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    Alexey Efremov

    Hello again,

    We have created a feature request for your suggestion and it will most likely be implemented in the future releases of FC12.

    I have got a suggestion from our analytics department:

    If you are using FC12, you can create a batch type for the VIP client and set the batch expiration date. This way this batches will be placed in front of the queue on Verification.

    Hope it helps.


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    Daniel Salazar

    Hi Alexey, 


    That will be very helpful, thank you very much. I will check your suggestion using the batch expiration date.




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