Document Definition Building, Recognition issues

Good day.

I am now quite at my wits end with vreating a document definition for stuctured forms.


Firstly, I cannot find any useful information regarding the Administrator station and retraining (if even possible) of a document definition to make it detect the correct pages in a definition and also correcting incorrect recognized page numbers.

I cannot for the life of my get this working properly.

Now, in question form:

1. If you load images to the Administrator station, you correct the detection areas and right click on the document and select "Train", does this retrain the document definition to properly detect the layout and areas to detect?

-Page 1 is detecting the content way lower than the definition is set up, page 2 on the other hand detects the areas flawlessly.

I useed both Manual and Automatic Static element detection but it still is not detecting the areas properly wrt page 1.

2. The pages that are incorrectly detected as gives an error "Incorrect page order and/or page set. Go to Document in thumbnail view and correct document page order" .
Now correcting the page order does nothing to the detection and a page 1 document is seen as a page 2. How do you correct this?

Thank you so much,

I have also trolled Youtube for videos but cannot seem to find something of help, and the Administrator's Help document, i can't seem to find the info I require




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    Could you please send us the project, samples and scenario description?

    Note that fixed forms are matched better if the anchors are present.


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