How to trace the dependency of specific field in the script? Answered

While I am check the Document Definition,say I have 26 different fields, name field("A"),field("B"),field("C")...field("Z").


When I checking the script written in field("A"), the calculation depends on field("D") as well...[say field("D").items.count is used in field("A")'s script].

But when I checking the field("D") settings, I will never know it is being used in field("A")'s script.


So how do I check whether a specific field is being used for other field's script calculation?


Sequential search each field's script is definitely not a good idea.


Hope it is clear.



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    Wladi Mourão

    Just change "show rules"  from "owned by..." to "refer to... "





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    Stephen Yip Chak Pan

    Thanks Wladi! This simple trick helps me a lot fro tracing among codes!


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