Too slow to save document definitions

I have a problem with the save of the document definition, it is too slow . I have the version of FC 11 distributed . For  example, two days ago the save was done in 3 minutes, and now in 15 minutes !
I checked with the IT manager ,  if there is any problem with antivirus ( Gdata ) , or resources of application server and nothing found .  Every time I'm trying to save document definition show me message  "not responging" , also I get the sane message in task manager .  Any idea ...  Thank you

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    Please address your issue to your regional support. Send them AINFO and Windows Application and System logs, your project and sample images to reproduce the issue and describe what changes were made recently


    Application and System logs:

    - Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer.

    - From the log tree, select the "Application" (and ”System” after that) item.

    - From the "Action" menu, select the "Save log file as..." item.

    - Save the *.evtx file, zip and send it to us

    AInfo (

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    Ekaterina, thank you for your answer .


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